Lorenz Boegli – a printer beyond compare

What part does creativity play in the craft of printing?

It can be found in the subtle interplay of imagination and skill, of high technology and aesthetics – combined with a passion for both the manual and the digital aspects of the trade. On top of this comes a talent for absorbing oneself in the work of a designer, photographer or painter to such an extent that the template is transformed into a work of art during the printing stage.

Lorenz Boegli has acquired a set of printing skills based on excellent powers of discrimination and a perfect mastery of raster, typography and colour. He practises a form of alchemy that breathes life into a photograph, heightens the expressive power of an image, imbues a map with inspiration and lends a design clarity.

His silkscreen printing skills are unique. They endow printing with a third dimension in the form of an intangible quality that transposes technology into pure emotion.

Customised printing effects

Thanks to its craft aspect, silkscreen printing possesses special qualities that by far transcend any other printing process and offer the broadest possible palette of enhancement effects.

Lorenz Boegli is a magician with materials. He plays with metallic and iridescent reflections and with transparency and opacity. He juggles lustrous and matt finishes and combines them into half-tones in order to bring out the special qualities of each and every image.

In the luxury segment – watches, jewellery and tourism – he creates effects that have never before been seen for a new and rare object or special series that calls for an unusual visual impact in print as well.

The art of printing or the printing of art?

You can’t put a price on a work of art. And you can’t set a limit on the refinement and virtuosity of a print!

Lorenz Boegli treats every art edition like a one-off. Acclaimed photographers commission him to transfer their prints onto carefully chosen papers (from 18g/m2 to 2500 g/m2) and to transfer their images to glass, metal or plastic. Skill and experience increase with the complexity of the task. Visual artists and galleries from all over the world entrust Lorenz Boegli to produce exquisite serigraphs, unique objects and limited editions.

Industrial excellence

Industry presents a range of challenges that call, among other things, for the precise reproduction of a particular colour tone regardless of support material. This colour tone needs to be both stable over the long term and transferrable to other print techniques.

Lorenz Boegli possesses extensive experience of industrial products and brings his knowledge to bear wherever precise reproduction is at stake – advising paper producers and paint manufacturers but also in the packaging industry and mechanical engineering and electronics sectors.

In all these areas he conducts customised research that goes far beyond his own trade of printer. Upon request he will also produce colour charts or technical proofs.

filosofi: from printing to special edition

Above all else, a love of printing is a love of fine paper!

Since 1997 Lorenz Boegli has been developing a series of paper products that cater to the infinite possibilities of silk-screen printing. What a self-contained world the tireless research-printer inhabits!

There are the correspondence cards, for example, consisting of various designer papers he produced in homage to European paper manufacturers. Or the Schuhgelenkpappe series, made of material normally used for insulating shoe soles. And then there are the carnets nature, which have won a prize for their fine printing qualities.

In collaboration with the Basel textile studio Matrix, filosofi also offers the Karo series, a shimmering, transparent gift paper of enormous subtlety.


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